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    • Husbands former driver manager 2
    • Private showers for woman in slc terminal 2
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    • No recognition for diamond drivers 2
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Maybe Swift should select better drivers! This is why swift transportation is the "talk of the trucking town"! Add comment

Picked up my bills from the dispatch window at the Phoenix terminal. Was a load going to California. The scale ticket that came with the bills was close. Once I hooked up to my load, had to get the tandems set to 40'. Scaled the load in the yard, now I'm too heavy on the tandems by about 300 pounds. Asked dispatch if I could get another load and "she" said that "she" had been instructed to get that load out of the yard. I told her, "if you try to push that load on me, I'm going to report you to safety". The dispatcher's husband was standing... Read more

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I drove for swift for 6 months during that time there was two months my pay was 57.00 . Recently it got a little better. Decided to move on and get out of driving a truck last dispatch took me across the country from california to maryland. They only paid me 21.42 for this. Anyone thinking of going with swift go with someone else no matter what they tell you its lies. Add comment

When DOES a Company SELL a Trailer, Allow THEIR Co. Name LEFT ON IT, Rolling Down the HWY.”YOU SWIFT” are STILL BEING REPRESENTED.THEREFORE,YOU SWIFT,SHOULD BE HELD Accountable, If NOTHING to Be MORE Proactive in getting THE 2 LETHAL Driver’s OFF the Road. They Nearly KILLED a FED EX Driver & A family of 3 Take SOME RESPONSIBILITY! This truck was traveling East I-10 @ 80MPH in the Fast lane when the Passenger THREW a Rock out the WINDOW SHATTERING the window at a FED EX TRUCK & making in Nearly Crash as well as the Vehicle behind it! YET... Read more

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No "rest of the story" to tell. He was not waiting for anything, he was parked there almost 24 hrs before he was persuaded to relocate. You can clearly see the yellow line triangle with cross marks with the point of the triangle ending under the back of his tractor, indicating the end of the space, hence the picture from that angle. I will agree my comments were harsh, turns out he's a new driver still working on his confidence. But parking a truck is not rocket science and it doesn't take a genius to see you're in the lane of traffic. I did... Read more

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Hummmm... So why is it that you took this picture from this particular angle and not a better picture from the front that would showing not only the clipped tractor that you are yelling about but that would clearly prove what you are trying to fuss about. Maybe there is a lot more to this story than what you are telling, such as he could have been there for only less than a couple of minutes waiting for another truck to move out of the way so that he or she could get into the shop bay for a repair. and why is another trailer in the background... Read more

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To the Swift driver in tractor 164921 parked at the TA in Sparks, NV, you are exactly why Swift drivers are looked down upon and treated like idiots, not only are you parked in a bobtail space with your trailer sticking into the space behind you, your tractor is obviously well into the lane of traffic and you're blocking the view of any driver coming around the corner. Given the fact that now another driver has clipped your tractor coming around the corner, you should have enough sense to MOVE! Yet there you sit proving to everyone that Swift... Read more

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My boyfriend works for swift. He has been on the road since he started with the company. He is waiting for loads. More than driving. Pay sucks hasnt gotten a full check since he started. The company asked him when he would like time off he told them march. They told him that he had to return the truck so they can get a driver in it while he was off. How is that possible when he sat around for days waiting for loads and was told there wasnt any loads.Wifi sucks doesnt work. How can you expect drivers to do a good job for your company with... Read more

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Can amentot/ trainer make me stay on truck for 34 hour reset? And not take one themself? Add comment

During the last 2 weekends I have been left without a load going into Friday evening. This week I have been short several hundred miles and will not put up with this bull any longer. I am quitting with no notice just like they have left me the last 2 weekends! When the planners leave on Friday evening, if you do not have a load to get to then you are pure out of luck until Saturday if your lucky. Maybe your whole weekend could be screwed sitting at a truck stop getting more pissed off then you were when you started. Read more

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