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389946 well ive been with swift for two weeks and was force to terminate my employment with them due to unsafe overloaded trailers 47000 . i refused to pull it and was instructed to go to columbus terminal to sign a dispanary action form i .i then was put into a position of them terminating me so i was forced to turn truck in to terminal in greer nc.was not even sign a team leader or given any numbers,also was not given number to... Read more

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How do you get swift drivers to sto0 waking you up every nite and then running away and hiding??? Add comment

I've worked for Swift for 9 months and have found that 90% of the former employee complaints are bs and the other 10% are just things that happen in the industry as a whole. Most of the former employees seem to always leave out the parts about how they f'd up. The company bends over backwards to be fair. A lot of these complainers are people that no other company would even give a chance. The fact is, Moyes might be too nice. He says everybody... Read more

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I been with swift for a month an havent got my first check yet they keep giving me the run around. I already had my CDL when i got hired an so what is going on. Add comment

Swift needs to wait for its customers to get on the bus, especially when they are running and tapping card!!! 4th or 5th time this has happened to me!!! Maybe i should just not pay so i can get on the bus so it doesn't leave without me!!?? Total BS!!!! Also, when leaving aurora village 1 swift driver leaves 3 to 5min early causing me to miss bus twice!!! Again total BS!! GET SOME COMPETENT DRIVERS WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS!!!! Read more

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Maybe Swift should select better drivers! This is why swift transportation is the "talk of the trucking town"! Add comment

Picked up my bills from the dispatch window at the Phoenix terminal. Was a load going to California. The scale ticket that came with the bills was close. Once I hooked up to my load, had to get the tandems set to 40'. Scaled the load in the yard, now I'm too heavy on the tandems by about 300 pounds. Asked dispatch if I could get another load and "she" said that "she" had been instructed to get that load out of the yard. I told her, "if you try... Read more

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I drove for swift for 6 months during that time there was two months my pay was 57.00 . Recently it got a little better. Decided to move on and get out of driving a truck last dispatch took me across the country from california to maryland. They only paid me 21.42 for this. Anyone thinking of going with swift go with someone else no matter what they tell you its lies. Add comment

When DOES a Company SELL a Trailer, Allow THEIR Co. Name LEFT ON IT, Rolling Down the HWY.”YOU SWIFT” are STILL BEING REPRESENTED.THEREFORE,YOU SWIFT,SHOULD BE HELD Accountable, If NOTHING to Be MORE Proactive in getting THE 2 LETHAL Driver’s OFF the Road. They Nearly KILLED a FED EX Driver & A family of 3 Take SOME RESPONSIBILITY! This truck was traveling East I-10 @ 80MPH in the Fast lane when the Passenger THREW a Rock out the WINDOW... Read more

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No "rest of the story" to tell. He was not waiting for anything, he was parked there almost 24 hrs before he was persuaded to relocate. You can clearly see the yellow line triangle with cross marks with the point of the triangle ending under the back of his tractor, indicating the end of the space, hence the picture from that angle. I will agree my comments were harsh, turns out he's a new driver still working on his confidence. But parking a... Read more

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