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In Little Rock, AR this morning a truck pulling trailer#081030, cab has USDOT#054283 on door, was parked on shoulder of three lane interstate in morning commute traffic, heading east on i30. Weather conditions was causing traffic to be unusually heavy / moderately slow in all three lanes. For fear of ice, I was was keeping a safe distance, and was concerned we couldn't move over to the left... Read more

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Horrable. They promise a driver 1250 week. Lucky to get 500 micro manegment is their specalty Add comment

I called swift how is my driving to complain about one of their drivers with no call back well the trailer number was 160476 he flew up behind me flashing his lights blowing his horn in very very bad rain then he flew pasted me like i was sitting still and cut me off it is obvious to me they could care less if their drivers kill some one so be careful around any of their trucks they don't care.... Read more

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*** parks just crooked enough so no one can squeeze into the spot next to him. Due to the row of trucks behind him, it's impossible to swing around and pull in without hitting his right tail with the left nose of my trailer. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, JAGGOFF Read more

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Trailor number 111580 with plate out of indiana just put me in ditch. Pulled right out in front of me. I had lights on everywhere on my truck. Inconsiderate driver. Should of hit him and sued company for new rig. What an *** hole, nit considerate, pappered baby boy how thinks he tuff cause in big rig. Ill take you on buddy anytime face to face, bring it on *** Add comment

Swift sucks. There school is joke and expensive. The worst part the whole process is the recruiters are liars. Then when you get sucked in and stay at a nasty hotel. The info is just thrown at you in amazing speed. Then you hit the driving range. All instructors should be fired and go back on the road where they belong. The trucks break down and barely work. They can't even keep air pressure .... Read more

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Review about Swift Transportation Work Experience from Los Angeles, California
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These are photos of messages that I received from swift. Why do they have to send so many messages to remind you when you have to have a meeting? I think 1 or 2 messages would be enough, any more than that is just harassment. This is a continuation of photos from a previous review. Read more

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Headed toward alabama @ the huntsville and nashville split and the truck driver hauling for target #880396 was exiting onto nashville ramp when he all of a sudden changes his mind in mid stream and without warning as in no blinker and with traffic following cuts back across toward huntsville almost takes out a mustang and 2 dodges hauling car trailer loads of four wheelers. One dodge has to take... Read more

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I'm 23 and I want to start driving for swift I'm in the same boat as you are I don't have no children and not even a house my apartment is cheap my love life is good she is traveling also do you thank this is a good idea for me? I just don't want to do anymore factory jobs because there no money into it I love to travel again and I always want to get my cdl licensed and drive some people say it's... Read more

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10/18/2015: I am an OTR owner. Operator driving for another company. At about 10:20 AM Swift driver of trailer no. 547323 as we attempted passing on the right (he was going slow in the middle lane) began to move right, pressing us against the wall, nearly causing an accident. Add comment

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