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I'm a current Swift dedicated driver for the DC in Macclenny,Fl. This company super sucks, no set hours, they try to slave drive their drivers no matter how tired the drivers are, they pay zip code to zip code, all of the trucks are trash, the two sisters that are dispatchers Angela and Amanda (Big *** 1 & 2) if you make the hies mad they give you *** up runs or stick you on night shift only, the other dispatcher (day time Rob aka wanna be... Read more

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Horrible training. Mentors that take the extra pay and don't teach what you need to know. Find yourself sitting and frustrated cause you have to wing it. Look at another company before here. It's a big market.

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Swift sucks,drivers beware if they terminate you it will be at the closet terminal to where you happen to be.i got fired and they said *** you find your own way home which was over 800mi away from my home.they dont give a *** about thier employees.dont work for them or do so at your own perail

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Between 2:30 and 2:40pm est Swfc996259 licence plate 355 0bc. pulled out of the Bremen In exit onto highway 6, traveling toward US highway 31. pulled out right in front of me. I was going between 55 and 60 miles per hour and had to slam on my breaks. Very upset by this drivers lack of concern for me and my grand children who were in the car with me. I would hope that Swift reads and takes these complaints seriously. i had to wonder if... Read more

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we were hit by a swift driver in parking lot in tx in feb,2016. we have been treated VERY POORLY by their insurance people since day one. i need to have someone that REALLY CARES. help assist in this matter. any help would be appreciated. they are trying to STRONG ARM and i will not have it. anybody got any ideas!. should be some third-party to settle this mess. have any 20,000 dollars coming to us and any offered 5000. also very rude and... Read more

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Your driver truck #SWFZ152472 License #P420332 drove me off the road while I was merging in Lincoln City, Oregon. I had the clear right away, your driver however decided he was more important and passed me after the lane had already gone down to one lane. We the locals of Lincoln City are going to start a petition to have your trucks banned from our highways due to the continued violations committed by your very incompetent and careless... Read more

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They hire people that do not care at the terminal Melina zamudio in El Paso tx is the worst she will get drivers phone numbers and call them all day without their permission she is always late and on her phone no one has said anything

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License plate p4369436 this guy was all over 485 guy was drunk gave us the middle finger and had a beer in his hand and tried running me and my friends off the road Read more

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I was driving to work the other day when a Swift driver cut me off and as he was crossing over kicked up a huge rock that put a large crack in my windshield. I keep plenty of distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me to avoid rear ending someone, or taking a rock or other object to the front of my car. Well I left enough space that the sift driver in the right hand lane decided to get over just a few feet from my front end. So... Read more

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Poor support & awful staff members. Always waiting for a load... No respect for the drivers or their family. Tell you one thing, while taking the sword out of your back. This is a company,to get your foot in & run like h€ll.... You do your 34 hours in the middle of nowhere. Pay sucks. Just get in & get your training and run. There is no training and you are thrown out on your own. When you make a mistake, they won't tell you what is the correct... Read more

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