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Swift Transportation is not an honorable place to work. They speak to the drivers like they ate *** and they do not go by the rules in their own books that they give to the drivers to go by.

Now I know why people would say to me "I'm sorry" when I told them I was working for Swift and I also know why they can't keep good drivers for very long.

Most of the office staff that deals with drivers are incompetent. They sent me to a place and my contact person had been dead for years!!!

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Teamwork, Balance, Respect, Winning Attitude--

the steps in our journey to be Best-In-Class.

At Swift, pride comes with every delivery. That's what it means to be Best-In-Class and our drivers are proud to drive for an industry leader. After all, everyone wins with more freight, stronger opportunities and better miles.

We provide our drivers with everything they need to be successful. We're with you every step of the way, by providing reliable freight, top equipment and a leadership team that knows the road as well as you does. We also offer great home time, superior pay and benefits, and the backing of North America's leading truckload carrier.

On top of everything else, we maintain a network of 31 full-service terminals. That means that when you're driving for us, you're never far from a hot shower, a good meal and a friendly face.

Swift has the freight and the miles to enable our truckers to reach their financial goals. Join us on our journey to Best-In-Class and see how far you'll go.

We are currently looking for:

. Company Drivers

. Hazmat Teams

. Students

We also have a variety of OTR, Regional and Dedicated positions open.

-----If you watch Ads for drivers, the ads are usually run by companies who are desparate for drivers because they cant retain drivers because the drivers are treated badly. SWIFT is a the top of the roost for that in Company Drivers. BEWARE and always remember that the owner of SWIFT is a BILLIONAIRE with "B"


the problem with the trucking industry is ,when a company does this to you who are you goin to get. the major problem is the fair labor board wont do anything to them drivers are cosidered unskilled labor ,thats there definiation.if a company screws you on pay they wont back you.unenployment wants to know why you left a job , an give you no benifits, they dont have to take the *** or lose money give trucking back to the mafia an unions atleast we were paid


I feel for you Ashlee, Swift is not unlike many other corporations. What company drivers and even the O/O's that work for Swift should always remember, and I mean really remember and think first is that the owner of Swift is a Billionaire.

Keep that thought alive in your head as long as you can. The man is a BILLIONAIRE,,,,and he has made his money on the backs of drivers like you and me. The people close to him in this business are too, very wealthy. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with that because people make a choice to work for the company.

But what all drivers should do is follow the D.O.T. rules to the letter. If you want to have good control of your career or time with Swift, then ignore what mere other employees do to get you to break any rules by doing what THEY want you to do. There are alot of protections that are afforded to drivers but you have to learn what they are and then YOU cannot be afraid to use them.

Always question what does not sound right and research rules before you make a decision. And don't be afraid to ask for names and report abuses, USE EMAIL to report everything a keep your emails stored.

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