I was set up with a recruiter who told me all these great things about Swift. Told me that I got paid Orientation, .43 cent per mile once I started, paid holidays,benefits, etc.

I left my job and took an 7 hr bus trip to NY to start orientation. I thought i was hired from what the recruiter told me. NOT!! The orientation was still part of the hiring process.

The Instructors where extremely rude, didn't care about you at all. When I got there I found out the first day that there was NO PAID Orientation. I did and passed the DOT Physical and Road test yet they wanted to put me into a 3 week training program and 1 month with a Mentor driving. I was going to be getting paid $7.25 per hour on the road and the Mentor had a right to go home 3 times and I would have to "Baby sit" the truck WITHOUT getting paid for the down time, then after the month was over they wanted me to take another form of test.

I had to do all of this before they would consider hiring me. The company is a JOKE, the Hotel they put you up in is a JOKE, and they tell you from day one that only 4 people will pass. My first day, they kicked out 8 people for either not dressing correctly or other stuff. I would have NEVER left my job, wife, or children for this JOKE..

BEWARE they suck you in and it's all a lie.

OH and if you get a recruiter named Riley pretty much tell him to eat ****, because everything that came out of his mouth was a lie.. Worst Company in the world...

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Honestly people are going to have a problem one place or another. It just comes down to how you work with the other person in the process.

Now, even with all the negative I'd still work for Swift. The only problem is I wouldn't pass the hair follicle test.

I could pass the urine test no problem. Just don't know why I have to wait a year to start something when I haven't done anything illegal.


Anyone complaint about not being home enough must remember..your a truck driver, that's why there's a bed in the truck. A mini hotel room or whatever.

I'm out 1 -3 months at a time and have no problem with it. Truckers live on the road and the truck is home!


People are replying to the original post that was from 2013!


I see alot I'd inconsistency with your statement. Orientation is paid, when your mentor took home time YOU do get paid. I don't think you knew what questions to ask and where to ask them.

to Anonymous #1406262

Correct I have a mentor now this is my first week and I got paid for orientation, I got paid for the day I had to wait for him to pick me up and I get paid for his home time while I go home also... we get paid a flat rate of 500 a week with minimum wage for all hours AFTER 40 hours of work


Come on man really? Be honest you failed your road test, don't be hating on them! Letem help ya go to the 3 week school!


Lmfao dude the 3 day orientation pays *** money for your time but it pays. The mentor driving your referring to is minimum wage for your home of record while on duty and an additional dollar on top for when your driving.

After that you take a macro test for the Qualcomm then you drive with a safety coordinator to ensure that the mentor is teaching you what you need to know and not just lining his pockets. I work for this company and yeah while I hate them it isn't because they don't pay it's because I'm a *** number to the big wigs.

When I had to have emergency surgery on the road swift put me up in a hotel and payed me layover time so I could at least afford food. They aren't total ***




I totally agree

Eatonton, Georgia, United States #1272561

Yes pay is low, driver harassment is high...

Bella Vista, Arkansas, United States #1252105

Well I am now a recruiter for many (48) companies and Swift is one. This was 100% lies that he just told.

If your a new driver you go into a 200- 300 BTW training you get $9.50 hr while driving and state minimal when not come to about $500.00 a week. When you go back in you re test your backing test. Then they put you in for 36 cpm. Which is a heck of a lot more than most for a newbie driver.

And as far as the instructors being BUTTS. Sounds to me like you were just home sick. Maybe trucking isn't for you.

This is a mans job. Everyone cant do it, or everyone would.

to Anonymous #1272386

Maybe you misunderstood... my recruiter told me the orientation and training IS NOT PAID, but the mentorship is at $400/week...

as long as one is okay with that, it is a good company to train with and drive for at least a year.

They have a lot of perks most smaller and midsized companies don't have... does sound like you're just trying to justify NOT LIKING IT

to Anonymous #1359511

Not just a "man's job". Women drive trucks too. How about changing that sentence to "This is a GROWN UP'S job".

to Anonymous #1404787

Yes agreed. You stated all facts.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1223457

How is the swift written test and road test after you complete the training with the mentor? What is it about? Pls help


I can honestly say after reading the comments and other reviews about the Swifts recruiters, you have obviously never talked to a military recruiter lol. That's their job, get you in the door no matter what, they don't care about you.

North Hollywood, California, United States #1202578

I just completed my first year in their flatbed. Making .39 and am about to get my second quarterly gold level bonus.

The work can be brutal (enough to almost quit) sometimes but other times it's reasonably easy.

I mean, who cares if the recruiter lied? I'm making pretty good money and have it to burn now

to Anonymous #1359512

Wow. I'm sorry to see that integrity and honesty are no longer requirements in society, just as long as you have money to burn. I'm thinking this is exactly what is wrong with society today.


how far back for criminal history


They are not the worst company, but yes you did get lied to. Nobody starts out with forty anything per mile at Swift. The training is good, but you do not get paid for any training until you get your driver code and Com data card.

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