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When DOES a Company SELL a Trailer, Allow THEIR Co. Name LEFT ON IT, Rolling Down the HWY.”YOU SWIFT” are STILL BEING REPRESENTED.THEREFORE,YOU SWIFT,SHOULD BE HELD Accountable, If NOTHING to Be MORE Proactive in getting THE 2 LETHAL Driver’s OFF the Road.

They Nearly KILLED a FED EX Driver & A family of 3 Take SOME RESPONSIBILITY!

This truck was traveling East I-10 @ 80MPH in the Fast lane when the Passenger THREW a Rock out the WINDOW SHATTERING the window at a FED EX TRUCK & making in Nearly Crash as well as the Vehicle behind it! YET because SWIFT said they SOLD the trailer so they are NOT responsible

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "unsafe drivers" of swift transportation vehicle driver. Swift Transportation needs to "help find the 2 drivers that i wrote them about in this incident & make right on the damages of the vehicle of ms. newton" according to poster's claims.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1188842

Instead of contacting the Authorities and media, you get on an Internet site and complain to strangers??

Makes no sense!


Why not call the cops then

Towson, Maryland, United States #1145742

THAT was IDIOTIC, and written so POORLY that I couldn't UNDERSTAND the point of......IT

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