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*** parks just crooked enough so no one can squeeze into the spot next to him.

Due to the row of trucks behind him, it's impossible to swing around and pull in without hitting his right tail with the left nose of my trailer. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, JAGGOFF

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That's a Swift driver for you! They do it all the time, everywhere, lazy and the IQ of a potato.

to Anonymous Hartford, Connecticut, United States #1351856

Do any of you work for a company that has a complaint site like this one? Anonymous, you just lumped every single Swift driver into the same category(ies).

You do know that Swift is a training company, and after their training is complete, they are (for the most part) nervous, and still new to the profession. I see drivers from all companies, independent ones too, park like it's their world, and we're living in it. I bet you're a real gem on the road. I can tell by your very well thought out comment, that you are "the most courteous, and conscientious" driver on the highways of America.

You're probably one of the many drivers who doesn't pull forward after they get fuel, and if asked by another driver (Swift, Schneider, JB Hunt, Prime, Marten, Any Company) if they could pull up, you reply "F*#K O@F", and then go inside to buy something to eat, and use the bathroom. You guys/women from the South gotta stop acting like your job is rocket science. I realize that where you're from, it is rocket science, but we're all just trained monkeys. Myself included.

A trained monkey can drive a truck. Probably better than your whining rearend can too.

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