I'm 23 and I want to start driving for swift I'm in the same boat as you are I don't have no children and not even a house my apartment is cheap my love life is good she is traveling also do you thank this is a good idea for me? I just don't want to do anymore factory jobs because there no money into it I love to travel again and I always want to get my cdl licensed and drive some people say it's a great idea and some say don't I'm just stuck in between I really want to make good money and be able to land a good job anywhere what should I do?

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YES! You sound just like the stereotypical Swift driver... I say "go for it!"

to Anonymous Hartford, Connecticut, United States #1351860

What a tool. You sound like the stereotypical bad driver, who was released (fired) by Swift for too many preventable accidents, too many critical events, and too many negative road reports.

I'd like to know what you consider a stereotypical Swift driver to be like?

I'm sure you'll come back with some witty retort at me. I'm sure it will be just as intelligent, and well thought out as all the other drivers' criticism of Swift is.


Your woman *** will get big sitting in the truck


Best choice I ever did, im 24 now been doing it since 2013. I couldn't tell you much about swift though.

Its to big of a company for me. I call my company, and they no me by name not a number.

I called safety just the other day and they recognized me by my voice. I work for Wiley sanders, out of troy Alabama.

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