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To the Swift driver in tractor 164921 parked at the TA in Sparks, NV, you are exactly why Swift drivers are looked down upon and treated like idiots, not only are you parked in a bobtail space with your trailer sticking into the space behind you, your tractor is obviously well into the lane of traffic and you're blocking the view of any driver coming around the corner. Given the fact that now another driver has clipped your tractor coming around the corner, you should have enough sense to MOVE!

Yet there you sit proving to everyone that Swift drivers are the morons everyone thinks you are.

No, I can't believe you are so *** that you cannot see you are in a bobtail space with your tractor blocking one lane of traffic, so it must be that you just don't care, and that makes more of an a**hole than a ***. Good job.

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he could be a new driver. probably is. rather worrying they let people that can't even park properly operate the truck in the first place.

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