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In my previous Swift Company Drivers post, I outlined how to further document your work activities to enhance your self protection from rouge or inept Swift terminal employees and management and their often made up "policies" that they use to try and make you quit if they don't like you for whatever reason(s) they may have. Always remember, You can be fired from any job at anytime anywhere in the U.S., An employer does not have to give you a reason. It is that simple and legal. BUT, don't let that statement intimidate you either. Just keep working within the law until they do fire you. If this happens to you then the question becomes; Do you qualify for unemployment benefits in your state? Generally, in most states, If you did not do anything "willfully" wrong or negligent to break any rules or written policies, and they fire you over your lack of performance or they don't give you a reason, then you should be able to collect the benefits that apply to you. And there may be certain laws that enable you to "sue" the employer for various reasons. Always consult a labor law attorney if you feel you may be getting close to being fired. Most labor law attorneys will listen to your circumstances before they try and *** any consultation fee. If your case is good then most will take your case on contingency. There may also be certain support groups that will assist you in legal matters. Now, with that said, I want to give new Company drivers and maybe a few used ones some helpful tips if I can.

First, Swift Company Driver Jobs and Terminal jobs (leaders) are all "performance driven". This means that the more you do or get done, the more money you make. So, as a driver; How much can you do? The answer to that is simple; Whatever safely fits within your DOT-FMCSA laws, guidelines and rules. THATS IT!, nothing else. Swift's only real interest in you is the CDL license that you posses, not you as a person, you will only be a number. This why there is such a high turnover, many of you had government sponsored training. It's a political play on jobs and it doesn't cost Swift much to train you. Swift wants you to use as much of that time as you and they can fit into those time frames, and they won't stop you from violating the parameters of those rules either, that is IF they have the freight to do it, often times they don't. Always be aware of that fact. There are times when freight is low and you will have to sit idle. It goes up and down frequently. And sitting idle or live loads/unloads ruins any plans you have on that well publicized Plus One program they keep talking about, more on that later in this post.

You will always hear them say that it is YOUR responsibility to watch your hours. They protect themselves with the Macro 10 you do every day. The other side of that is that Swift CANNOT tell you how to use those hours either. Swift can only "OFFER" you the loads and it is up to your discretion to accept or decline the load based on your availability. "YOU" control the license you have because in the eyes of the law, "YOU" are responsible for it. A drivers license in this country is a privilege and not a right. You have to obey all of the laws that pertain to it. When Swift offers you a load, It is your SOLE responsibility to do the appropriate calculations to determine if you can get it done lawfully and safely. And this is where it gets a little tricky.

The employees of Swift, from the dispatchers, Driver Managers, Planners, etc. are all on a set salary or hours for pay. In addition to that, the management competes with each other for extra money or productivity bonuses that are determined by how much work YOU do for them. This is why they give you that speech about how the Driver Leader will work for you if you work with them, (Your best bet is to just push them to do their job so you can do yours, NO FAVORITISM, you'll get burned.) Their plan is designed to push you to use up those driving hours you have and more if you dare. That might sound simple, except for one thing.

Swift gives the best and easiest loads to the Owner Operators first. Drop/Hook loads, Light Loads, Easy Access, long miles, etc. are all offered to the Owner/Operators first. When Owner/Operators keep declining loads then those loads are listed for the planners to give to Company Drivers, that is why they need you. Now, understand this, The dispatchers, driver managers and such will tell you that it is company "Policy" that you cannot decline a load that is given to you. BUT, you will not see that supposed policy "written" anywhere. The heavy loads, Loads with appointment times, Live Load and Unload, Night loads, Loads with a lot of time on them without T-Calls, etc. are all loads that make their way to Company Drivers. But again, Swift cannot "legally" make you accept a load. But please do not confuse my words either, If the load that is sent to you falls well within the guidelines of your available time, then you should accept it and do it. That is where all of "your" calculation abilities come in. Swift also waits until certain times of the day to release loads to Company Drivers. If you complete a load after 0800 then you will probably not be planned out again until 1900 or there about. Sometimes you get lucky if a planner has something that needs to go right away and you are nearby, other than that, you will wait. So if the plan they send wants you to pick up right away and you are almost out of hours, it is your call, but no sweat off their backs if you violate. Once you accept the load, IT'S ON YOU. I always decline those loads just to send them that message. Rushing a load will get you nothing but problems and traffic tickets, It's not worth it, SWIFT IS NOT WORTH IT!

Most loads are calculated by non-drivers using a general mathematical equation developed by a robotic train of thought. They take the number of "shortest route miles" and divide it by 50mph and the answer to that is the hours they think you can do the load in. Example: 1427 miles divided by 50mph is 28.54 hrs of drive time. But your truck can do 62 mph right? So if you actually drive that same amount of miles at 62 mph (which is the fastest the truck will go) then the amount of driving hours is reduced to 23.01 hrs. They will add 1 hour per day for fueling breaks and PTI's. They DO NOT calculate your personal breaks, they only calculate the 10 hour mandatory rest period. Then they work with the customer and what the customer needs and determine whether the load will go to the team drivers, Owner/Operators, or Company Drivers.

When the planner is going to assign a Company Driver load, they normally just take a quick look at the "total hours" you have available and if it fits the load, then they send it to you. Most of them are too lazy to look at the particulars of your hours like, how many hours you have already used that day, what time you started your book and days left in your week, you might be on your 7th day but you have 26 hrs left, The planner sends a load with 720 miles and delivers on your 9th day out without a 34 hour restart. It would be a violation for you to accept that load without a T-Call or Repower. You could try and deliver it early, but if it has an appointment time or the customer is closed, Then What? YOU are stuck with the responsibility of the load and make no mistake, They WILL give you a write up or Service Error and they won't think twice about it. It is NO sweat off of their backs.

And then your DM will use that to make you feel guilty and try to garner more control of you. The best thing for you to do with your hours is to stay "well within" the time frames so you don't violate. I always add more time for the Longer Route (interstates, faster roads), Fueling, Personal breaks during the drive, Scales, Hazmat, Appointment times, Projected detention, etc. You do NOT have to follow the directions on the fuel route. Just make sure you have enough fuel before you start the trip.

Most Swift employees do not have a clue of what you do in your day. It's called CORPORATE IGNORANCE They do not see the time you have to wait in line for fuel, or to scale a load that has rusted tandems that are stuck, or to wait in line to get a scale ticket, or to wait in line to buy some food, or to wait in line for a customer to get you loaded or unloaded, or to wait in line at the terminal for the slow dispatchers that are horse playing or eating or gossiping on the phone, or to wait for a minor repair, etc. A few of them are former drivers but they are quickly indoctrinated into the Swift Employee Fold that makes them attend daily meetings on their productivity and function. They are told not to think like drivers.

And always set your PTA for what works for you, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DM OR PLANNERS TO SET YOUR PTA. They know they are not supposed to do it so don't let them. YOU DO IT!! The FMCSA rules allow you to rest ANYTIME YOU THINK YOU NEED TO, you do not need permission. If they need to T-Call or Repower the load then so be it, you cannot be held accountable.

Swift employees will always try and put anything and everything on you, Anytime you call in with a problem they quickly think of questions to ask you , Did you do this or Did you do that? DON'T ANSWER THEM, counter them with your own questions. They are trained to try and make you responsible, SO, what I do is the same thing to them. If a planner sends a load that I cannot fit in with my safeguards then I ask the planner questions in the Macro 9 when I decline the load. In the comment section I will ask if they looked at ALL of my hours or days. The planner might get mad and call your DM if they can, to try and intimidate you (CORPORATE ARROGANCE). LET THEM, they are not supervisors, they can only gig you if you fail on a load. Oh they might make you sit on that load for a few hours before they send another or they will send you another load that you will have to decline to make it look like you are declining loads for no reason. I just go along with it and sit idle, after 24 hrs you get free money (layover pay). I decline loads all of the time and they haven't fired me in almost five years. I still get 1800 to 2800 miles a week (regularly) sometimes more. ANY Swift company driver who says they get more or different miles than what I just printed is a lying sack of ***. Any future post on that saying different is probably a Planner trying to Glorify Swift. Its Bull, don't believe it. If the truck gets less than that over a few weeks, then THEY have to answer questions to their bosses about why the truck isn't moving.

The truth can be seen in the information you provide in your records, If I am documenting everything, then when and if they fire me, I have ammunition to use against them and they know it. I don't care about their feelings and I show that if I need to. They work in a building at a desk, I spend many hours keeping alert on the road with an expensive truck and cargo, MY RESPONSIBILITY COMES FIRST EVERYTIME.

Sometimes you can see the planners name on the text message they send, I will often put that name on the response I give them. They used to think you didn't know who they were and you couldn't name them, but you can now so USE IT. Planners are not supervisors, they just think they are. Most of you know how nasty the terminals and employees are when you have to go there. They are disgusting and just cause you added stress. They are short and dismissive with you and just try to move you along. Sure they are cordial when they talk to you, But don't confuse Swift Smiles with real professionalism and quality, they lack that sorely, Swift won't spend the money to train them and they won't hire college trained graduates . I guarantee you that it scares them when you question something they do to hinder you. Especially if you are at the terminal. NEVER be afraid to ask for the Terminal Manager if you don't agree with something. If a terminal employee barks at you THEN BARK RIGHT BACK, just don't use profanity. YOU are the one driving the truck and YOU are taking ALL of the risk and making the money for the company and for their paychecks, Make sure they know that and appreciate it. Tell them like it is directly, Don't be rude, just be direct and to the point. They always back off quickly. You should have the confidence and understanding that THEY are there to Support YOU in your job, not the other way around. But once again, you should be doing what you are paid to do also. That is why it is so important for you to study the FMCSA laws and the driver handbook.

Be careful with the "Plus One" program they currently have going. That program is only optimal for Owner/Operators who have choices on loads. They are sent three loads at a time to choose from. Where you are concerned, the planners change the P/U and Delivery times to match their mathematical equation of 50 mph. When you see that, always call in to find out the "actual" Times on the preplans/loads you are being offered, if they don't want to tell you, then just decline the load and put your reason in the note section of the macro 9. On the Macro 9 don't be afraid to put the times that YOU think you need. You can refer to part § 395 of the FMCSA rules and regulations to determine what you can or should do on any load you are sent. ALL SWIFT EMPLOYEES MUST FOLLOW FMCSA RULES FIRST, there is NO other option for them or you. Even the driver handbook is second to the FMCSA, don't let anyone tell you different. Who would know the rules better? A Driver who lives them daily or a terminal desk jockey? Make your argument anytime you need to, don't back off of it.

Finally, You should always keep in your mind that Swift is only a job, IT IS NOT A FAMILY !! IT IS NOT A BROTHERHOOD!! There is NO union and no need for one, YOU have the law in your corner. Other drivers don't owe you anything. If one chooses to help you with something then that's OK, Otherwise, they have their own work to do. Call your DM if you need something. Make them do what they are paid to do. Ask them the questions you need answers on and keep on them to answer you.

Swift is a corporation that operates on a Cost/Benefit basis for profit. The owner is a Billionaire-Are you?? If you are a cost to them more than a benefit to them then they will harass you and intimidate you and decrease your miles until you quit or they have enough to fire you without having to pay the unemployment or worry about a lawsuit. How you deal with that is your choice. The bottom line is that you can only do what the law says you can do and YOU control that. If you like taking the risk of violating your hours and you do it without any good reason then when they fire you for it, you won't have a leg to stand on and they will not feel sorry for you and give you any breaks. If you are excuse oriented like they are then you will always lose. DO NOT TRUST ANY SWIFT EMPLOYEES FOR ANYTHING, you can be friendly and professional -JUST DON'T TRUST THEM...EVER! Protect your license and don't get traffic tickets because they want to rush you. Traffic Tickets are expensive, especially if you hire an attorney to keep them off your record. Follow the LAW on your loads and NOT A SWIFT FLUNKY! I have other posts on this site that might help you as well. I welcome you comments or questions good or bad if you can deal with the answer, good or bad.

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I don't think people understood buy the comments I read. Your not putting Swift down but instead letting drivers know that desk jockeys are like that. Its up to the driver to run his career thru Swift, not swift run thru his career.


Excellent article. Have been driving for 2 years and driving for Swift 3 months.

They're pretty corrupt and full of mediocrity.

"The heavy loads, Loads with appointment times, Live Load and Unload, Night loads, Loads with a lot of time on them without T-Calls, etc.

are all loads that make their way to Company Drivers."

I originally pulled up your page because I've been given a load that delivers late, but just early enough that after delivery I'll be pulling into a truck either way late or too early to find a spot.

Have you or anyone else come up with a system of the optimal hours of pick up and delivery that get you into a truck stop or rest area between 08:30 and 16:00?

So far, I've figured out that I want my clock to start anywhere from 18:30 to 02:00. Got anything to add?

Thanks again


my husband is currently working for swift and when I read him this..... He was amazed because everything you said is absolutely 100% true. ohhh and you forgot to mention the people in dispatch are always on Facebook


I took everything they ever gave me, for ten years.....


what if you get a speeding ticket before its time for you to start your orientation for the company swift?

to laverne #748664

Depending on the state you are in, the ticket can be contested in court. Just after I started driving CDL I got a speeding ticket (50 in a 35) while I was driving my personal vehicle.

I hired an attorney and for 50 dollars and the final price of the fine the ticket was reduced to 38 in 35 by the officer and there was No Points assigned to the record. In contrast, I received a ticket in California while driving the truck (65 in a 55, and it is 55 on all California highways for all trucks), I hired a lawyer on that one for 500.00 dollars and the price of the ticket which was 550.00 dollars. That ticket was dismissed. So it really depends on where you are at.

In California a ticket is an actual misdemeanor crime. In any case, if you can afford it, ALWAYS hire an attorney and keep your record clean.

This is why it is SOOO important not to bend the rules for any one, Especially SWIFT! A good company WILL NOT over pressure you and give you ample time on your loads.


i am in training on the road with swift. i have been to mentors house 3 times now out of rout.

he asked his driver manager for time off .monday i was dropped ,my wife picked me up,go back friday.he asked me not to call in .he will call me as to where to meet to continue training.is there a potential problem i have yet to see?he seems to be a good trainer but i have trust issues with people.he has parkinsons disease for one ,i dont know for sure but seems to be a recipe for an accedent .

what can i expect from this situation? will i be fired before consideration of job, while he keeps his?

to evil #707675

Thanks for your comment Evil,

If your mentor is an Owner Operator then there really is no Out Of Route if he delivers on time. If he is a Company Driver then his Out Of Route will be identified fairly quickly.

Your training is based on tasks that usually take 6 about weeks to complete. The sooner you get those tasks done, the sooner you are on your own. If he has passed his physical to drive then the Parkinson's is not an issue. These tasks can usually get done a little quicker if you stay on top of them.

Swift and the O/O are really after some team driving out of you and that Mentor. More money for them while you make that measly amount they are paying you. He is getting paid for the miles you drive. If you think you can do better with someone else then ask for an in person meeting with your DL and another leader.

Tell them your concerns but be brief and completely honest. In the big picture, 6 weeks is not long at all and once you are done with it, You're Done. Study that FMCSA buddy, Swift, in my opinion, is soon to have to start spending big bucks on big changes in the way drivers drive on their allowed hours. These new FMCSA rules are forcing the Big Companies to rethink how they operate.

Many of the smaller companies are moving to "Out And Back" routes so the drivers can do their 34 hour restarts at their home terminals. But as I have said in my posts, Don't Trust Them, Trust your gut.

If you can, get some experience under your belt and find a small outfit that will treat you decent. I did and I am very glad I did.

Berea, Ohio, United States #594596

This post is absolutley the truth..... Well Done!

to countrygirl35 Walnut Creek, California, United States #594882

Thanks for your comment Countrygirl35, Here is a tip for you: If your truck has E-Logs and you can't get copies of your logs then just maintain a regular written log everyday of what you put into the E-Logs as close as you can on the times. Then on top of the written log write in quotes "Written Copy of E-Log" and scan them along with you regular paperwork.

The geniuses at Swift will tell you that you cannot maintain separate logs, And That Is True, But you can copy your log as you go and affix your written signature to the written log.

This is called Direct Evidence in Legalspeak. Because the company has the ability to alter your E-Log at will, The written log would be considered first.

to Vighkin2 Berea, Ohio, United States #595662

Very useful, ty


My friend got sued by farmers insurance and he lost his license for an accident because the DOT in Oklahoma said he was at fault for not following his hours right.

to Gemstone Walnut Creek, California, United States #594867

Thanks for your comments Gemstone and Countrygirl35, Gemstone, I am curious to know if the accident your friend was in, involved very serious injuries or death? This is exactly what I am referring to when I say that it is the drivers "COMPLETE" and "TOTAL" responsibility to do his/her own calculations to determine if the load you are being offered is appropriate for you (Drive wise and Equipment wise).

No company will provide you a lawyer or stand beside you in a courtroom if your accident was deemed "preventable" or "unpreventable". The company might get sued separate from you by the lawyers on the other side but they won't stand by YOU unless it could benefit them in some way. When you violate your hours it is a documented process and can easily be proven through an audit of your logs vs the GPS device on your truck and other factors. Even the testimony of the company desk jockeys can be used against you.

DO You Think They Will TRY And Protect You? *** NO! You might get away with log violations for a little while but it will eventually catch up to you. And for those of you who routinely use the "Safe Haven" provision to get those extra couple of hours, That is a crime and you "could" be prosecuted for it.

You are not the first one to think of that trick, Any fraudulent entries on your logs is prosecutable on YOU and the Corporate Desk Jockeys won't even skip a beat. You really never hear about it much but drivers get fired all of the time for violations like that and many and I mean MANY do lose their CDLs over it. NO COMPANY IS A BROTHERHOOD OR FAMILY, It's just a job, and if you treat it like that you can only benefit yourself. Any time you receive messages on the qualcomm that advises you of "anything", rules, weather, traffic, etc., you need to understand that the company is doing that to protect THEMSELVES, not you.

Corporations rely on lawyers to make sure they cover themselves where you are concerned; Do you have a lawyer telling you what you can or should do? For SWIFT drivers, when you see that message from Richard Stocking and his "Broncos", you should really read that carefully. That is the company President telling you not to violate but instead to "maybe" take a chance and "get that extra load". He also says to stay comfortable in your cab during your breaks.

That is him trying to release himself from responsibility if you get into an accident because you could not get "proper" rest because the Desk Jockeys are pressuring you on your Truck Idle. That is why there is no forced dispatch. If they want to make you sit idle because you declined a load, LET THEM.

If the truck isn't making money then it's on them (The Desk Jockeys), let them answer for it. JUST BE SAFE, AND STAY SAFE OUT THERE, work for yourself first and what is legal.

Arizona City, Arizona, United States #586505

Well Vighkin2 I read both of your posts and I gotta say I agree with almost all of it. You seem to have a pretty good knowlege of the rules but not everybody can follow them like you do.

You were a little hard on Trucker with your answer to him but he did kinda ask for it. Swift is a trainee company, so to speak, just like the other big ones. I guess you have to make your own decision on who you want to work for. I worked for a few companies befor I got my own truck so it's what you make of it.

I only got one ticket in California and it was enough to make me read the rules over and over until I got it right. Maybe Obama will help those people who are getting ripped off.

to Truckstop Livingston, New Jersey, United States #586577

Truckstop, thanks for your post. Yes I am pretty cynical at times but sometimes thats how you bend an ear.

Truthfully I really don't have any "personal" bad feelings toward people that work for Swift as non-drivers. They are only doing a job that they are trained to do (indoctrination). Drivers, however, are trained to follow certain actual "Laws" and if they don't then they could face even "criminal" penalties not to mention the money they have to pay for tickets, and the desk jockeys don't have any responsibility towards that, (imagine if they did). Swift is owned by a man who is now a Billionaire and while it is admirable to be such a savvy business mogul in the Trucking Industry (as they call it), there comes a point when the "power" becomes obsessive and the followers of the Mogul become tyrants in their effort to enrich themselves (this is why Swift is NOT a family or Brotherhood).

It is NOT anything new in this country with Labor issues. And that is why the F.M.C.S.A. under the D.O.T. was created.

The abuses of the rich business people to get that "Maximum Profit" is why these laws to control drivers was enacted over the years. There is no need for a driver union if you just follow the laws because the Trucking Companies cannot argue with the law. Hence, a driver who follows the law and not the whims of company desk jockeys is always protected and Drivers can go after the owner for damages if the driver is fired for following the law. And that is why I document "everything" I do on the road.

I can tell you that it has worked for me very well. I can say that the company misfits have tried their very best to intimidate me and pressure me to quit. But I use the law and their own written rules to turn the tables on them. I don't win every single time, just almost all of the time and they HAVE had to pay me as little as .72 cents on a claim and as much as 100.00 dollars for a two day layover they created and then refused to pay me for.

I have used the EEOC, Federal Wage and Labor, and a State Senator to get what I am owed and to curtail their behaviors toward me for my merely following the law and their rules. I can assure you that they ALL know my name in a most aggravating way and I can dig it. At some point they will fire me when they think they can get away with it, but that is largely too late now, I have documented too much for them to have a good case. I just keep working the way I do and I won't change that.

I still get the miles I want and I work my schedule and , most importantly, I decline the loads that DO NOT fit what I can legally do with my safeguards and it drives their planners crazy ,but too bad. Keep in mind that my posts are really intended for new Swift Drivers, I don't know much about other companies.

In answer to your line about Obama, I am very conservative in my politics, BUT I believe that Obama's pressure on the VERY rich has a good message and purpose. And I am sure Jerry Moyes has his lawyers working hard.


For Trucker: Ah yes, just as I suspected. Yet another relic fresh from hanging out in front of the Flying J on Valley View dr.

The "Old Timer" war stories of battling the damned old cattle on the dusty trails with cigarette in mouth and coffee in hand and the radio blasting Willie & Whalon. I bet you are one of the "Red Petes" out there just being King O'the Road Huh?? Trucker it's about time for your evening glass of milk before you pound down those Budweisers. Actually NOBODY really cares about your endless stories of peeing on the lot.

It's just not relevant, YOU are not relevant. Everybody starts somewhere Mr. Know Nothing At All. Everybody has an opportunity whether it's at Swift or any other company.

Some people have no problems working at a "starter" company, as you put it. There are certain benefits to working in high volume. It's easier to blend in. There is really is no such thing as a starter company.

A Job is just a Job. As I said in my post, It's not a Family nor a Brotherhood despite your macho road warrior stories most of which are just outright lies. Your best bet is to just keep on truckin -BY there Trucker extraordinaire, He man of the 18 wheelers.

Us futuristic newbie's will somehow get by without your infinite witlessness. Thanks anyway though...

to Vighkin2 Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #634195

right on Vighkin!!!

Most of the older drivers tell these ridiculous lies to keep the miles and the need for them open. If there is no turnover then the industry would not be in demand.

IN my experience with older drivers they torment new drivers with these horrendous stories and make them skiddish as they try to learn a new trade.

Shame on them! :p

to lilylove Memphis, Tennessee, United States #636889

Excellent point lilylove. Todays trucking is not getting on a payphone and calling a dispatcher and nor is it rummaging through street maps.

It is a much faster machine with higher technical demands on the drivers.

Not to mention the upkeep of your license. Technology is not holding a cup of coffee in your hand and dangling a cigarette from your dentures anymore...


No one cares if a driver got fired from Swift or any other "trainee company."

So long as he does not have a chargeable accident, DUI, multiple moving violations, or some other criminal activity, what the company reports is irrelevant. Including "abandoning" the truck. Which is the all time favorite for these *** artist "tainee companies."

I made my first OTR trip in 1958 from Dallas, TX to San Fran, CA. There were no interstates, CB radios, satellites, power steering, power brakes or air conditioning.

I've been around the trucking industry for a few years. ..


TRUCKER: In case you could not read easy english, this post is for New Company Drivers at Swift. You did not say whether or not you are a trucker or if you are an O/O or you are just another feeble driver.

The suing was suggested if a driver is fired meaning the career is gone anyway. But you have shed some light on a certain segment of Dumb *** Drivers that Swift drivers can expect to encounter,,,Thanks, I appreciate you poking your head out of your masters ***!!

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