ive drove a truck for 10 years and have never been treated the way i was treated with swift and the people in the terminals and corporate are only worried about when is their break time and how fast they can get you off the phone. I quit with the company after 9 months of over the road driving with them, for the main reasons of pay and them not careing for the employees.

I make just as much now working in my home town for min wage than i did being on the road with them and Im home with my family every night. the recruiters lie to you when you sign up with the company and i hope that noone beleives without it being put in writing. for a driver with 10 years experience and no moving violatins or log violations I was put on the lowest pay scale and was promised by my recruiter .39 cpm. and now im having trouble getting my w-2 faxed to me after there allready prosessed, because know one can do their @#%^ job any more.

they just want to set there and get a pay check.

as a driver if you dont do everything thats expected of you or you make a mistake o *** is going to break lose. I really wonder how they have kept a bussiness going by *** on everyone that works for them?

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Swift El Paso is the worst ! The planner is screwing the driver leader and she only got the job because of it.

Worst terminal ever. He also has his own trucks that he gives the best loads to.

Conflict of interest. And the terminal leader is a bigger joke.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1278748

True i only worked for them for 10 months and they *** on their employees worst the drivers i was a trailer tech for safety lane drivers from all over would go threw the laredo terminal waiting still on my w-2 *** ......


How did u end up getting your w-2 from swift? Thank you hope someone can help.


I had the same issue I was on that flatbed account out of new market Va was supposed to get 850gross weekly with meeting all require ments such as NYC cannot turn down dispatch on time and no accidents I never got it all I got was excuses with only making 500 a week


I just quit driving for those guys as well. I was driving teams for them for most of my career.

Right as soon as I started solo, though, they started screwing me out of miles.

Now I drive a snowplow for the state (Nevada) and make more in one day than I did an entire week with Swift. Definitely makes you wonder how they still operate...

to Cameron Cape Coral, Florida, United States #778878

They still operate by screwing drivers out of pay and keeping the money to themselves, that's how! They know there's a sucker born every minute so there will always be plenty of suckers to work for them.

I worked for them too, worst company I ever worked for.

They lie about everything and rarely pay detention time. The miles they pay might as well be air miles!

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