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I went to waco ga swift academy they was ok. But my thang was i was there for two weeks.

And that friday we was testing out. They told me that the safety man wanted to talk to me. Im like tf is a safety man. So i called and call nobody pick up so the people at the school told me i had 72 hour's to see what's going on.

Like i can make them pick up the phone if not i will be kick out. So i kept calling no answer so i had to go home. So that next Tuesday they called back and said i test positive on drug test.

I said not me because i dont smoke never have. He said well its second hand i said can't help that i was staying with my brother so i can get to the school and he smoke and they told me sorry.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1280615

well, ya kind of did smoke.

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