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Sitting in traffic waiting to pull into fuel station when a swift truck came up the shoulder to get around the traffic and blocked the enterance to the gas station. I got out and told him he was blocking it and he said; tough ***.

This was today 11/10/2016 in Columbia NJ. The trailer number was 543679

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New City, New York, United States #1239558

Dude, stop complaining and ratting people out like an old little ***! If you had a problem with the guy you should of handle your business there and then, but no!

you come from behind like a little *** and type this *** up behind the drivers back. You ***!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1239459

Every day on the way home on 67N, between Ballinger Tx and Coleman Tx , this Swift truck #505721 with Indiana plates will back up traffic.

The driver will go 50-60mph in 75mph area. I tried to write down number to call and complain...and it's blacked out!

This driver won't let anyone pass!

He/she will even stay in passing lane to prevent other drivers from passing! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

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