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November 18, 2016 @ about 1:30pm. I was turning SB on SR201 & 5600 West in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Your driver was in the outside lane turning left SB on SR201 & 5600 West, same way as me. I was on the inside lane, the light turned green we both went he turned, I turned he immediately turned into the inside lane where I was & shoved me into oncoming traffic. I was not alone in my vehicle, I had my 5yr old grandson with me. So I decided to get information off of the trailer & cab. I then pulled off the road & looked up your website. Much to my surprise you have a hub here in Salt Lake City, so I knew right then & there your driver was headed in.

I then call your customer service and spoke with a woman, I mentioned to her, that the truck was headed their way. I then began to tell her what had just happened. She immediately apologized, she asked me the numbers off the truck, I had recorded them on a sound recorder on my phone, I told her a few numbers, but the truck wasn't pulling up, so I asked her if it was ok to just drop by real quick. I was right by your place she said yes please do come to the dispatch window on the south side of the building. I went in, the person that works the window was at lunch, she said to ask for a dispatch manager. A nice young man helped me & he said to go in the back office, so I walked in there & waited for someone to notice me no one did so I continue to walk in. Saw a man sitting at one of the cubicles in the reefer section of the office. I was in the second row of cubicles, the gentleman there had dark brown hair a goatee and a grey sweater. I asked for a dispatch manager he kind of looked around and then said what can I help you with. He was not a dispatch manager, but I gave him the information. he said he would forward to the drivers manager. I thought I would write this up for backup, just in case that paper I gave him somehow got thrown away and the driver is continued to scare people. I did not get to talk to a dispatch manager.

Today is November 18th 2016 ---this all began at 1:30pm ish. I do believe this gentleman is in your facility right now. I saw him walk in. He is very careless, completely oblivious to his driving.

I had my grandson in the car with me he started crying and he was scared I was scared. WTH? is going with all these trucking companies, You don't want civilians to cut the truckers off, but it's okay for them to do it in return? Not cool or appropriate. Please, then don't cut us off because that's b******* you expect civilians to pay a $750 ticket. Well they need to be paying a ticket too.

I will complain every *** time, they are not God in that the truck is Big my truck is big,

I drive a Suburban for *** sakes he would have seen me, had he bothered to look, your driver I know he knew I was there he did it anyway blatantly put two lines and danger potentially his own. if he would have looked the trailer number is 542-5640 / license plate number 139 8DU. I could not see the state. the cab has 054283 and HLHP0664. please talk to this man maybe he is too old to drive

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Reno, Nevada, United States #1245952

It's swift what do you expect, lucky he didn't hit time stay always from them....

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