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Swift was an ok place to work for about the first couple years.

First week of orientation great.Good staff and great students in the class.

The lodging that swift paid for was at a nice clean motel. Then it starts to go down hill from here. Dispatches start to get worse, less miles and more down time with dispatchers having a terrible attitude toward the driver(me) and from the other drivers I talked to as well. This progressively got worse as time goes on.

I could go on and on describing the poor actions of the driver manager/planners. Now there are some good professionals at swift,but from my experience not many. Let me give an example of what happened to me. I get this message on the Qualcomm saying I have to take a "personalized" log class from a certified instructor.

Ok, no problem, I'll go to a swift terminal and talk with someone in safety to satisfy this log class. Here's where it gets weird, they (someone in safety I presume) sent the first message that I need to take this class, then about a week later sent the same message again,then 2 days later it was sent again. So if that's not enough, they send it once a day going on 3 weeks now,and by the way,I talked with the person in safety( took the class) on oct 2nd 2015 and they keep sending this message. Harassment if you ask me.

This is only one example of the way this company treats its drivers. Makes no sense to me why they(swift) does this. Feel free to leave your opinion/concerns.

Note the date in the top left corner of the photos.There more photos, but they won't upload

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I am currently driving for swift and I am having the same problem with them loads are terrable lots of down time . I keep hearing we have a ton of work we have miles SOOOOO were is it you can't support a family on 1200 miles a week and feed yourself on the road iam not happy being lied to

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