in the year 1995 I spent in that school in burlintong, tn as about 40 days to get my CDL and 2 years after the ny dmv suspended me that swith school did not qualify, and I got to pay for school $ 3,500.00 and a $ 1,500.00 between tickets and food, I wonder if you can still do something like get the money I SWITH theft, is a company that is not recommend for what lies just promise you that disilucion that a company like this play with people to get a decent job, and has no professionalism, but for these things DOT is hear and does not listen

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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My Gawd Doug, you have such low standards don't you. Swift is a CORPORATION, it is run like a corporation.

Most people see that and move on, the national turn over rate is highest at Swift. Only low motivated people with very low self esteem stay there for more than 3 to 6 months. But don't take my word for it, just read the many complaints and look into the law suits they settle everyday there. That is how you make money with Swift.

You record their antics and sue them.

Then move on to a small outfit that appreciates your hard work and rewards you often. Swift, what a Toilet

to Vighkin2 #1405423

There is a book called New To OTR, read it, its about companies like Swift, its prolly on Amazon

Reading, Michigan, United States #659223

in response to the swift drivers complaint;

you sound like you do not have a clue.

part of the ptoblem is your lack of knowledge of the english language

I drove for Swift Transportation. I went in with 20 years experience. I was a road trainer.

I found them to be a highly respectable company.

I trained drinvers on the road from Swift schools and other schools from around the Detroit area.

Swift schools were suoerior to all other schools.you have to work there is no free ride and you really need to have a comand of the english langue :)

to doug Phoenix, Arizona, United States #666208

Swift academy is nothing but a psychological eval to *** out those of who they can't bully into submission. You will learn nothing but pretrip and paperwork, and when you sign that contract ( as in *** tract) they will wipe their *** with you by way of a prescheduled set of trips to dock your pay for their lumper fees, truck repair/maintenance and BS loads no other truck will touch, all the while yelling for SAFETY but planning you into every blizzard or tornadoes in the u.s.

Stay away from them!

And NO Doug, they are NOT suPerior.. Lol

to Driver 338070 8/12-6/13 Big Piney, Wyoming, United States #733772

Truck driving is a luck of the draw thing. Sometimes you get a bad set of circumstances or a series of them.

Doesnt mean theres some Swift Conspiracy.

I was a trainer with swift as well and my students regretted not going to swift academy because it was faster, just as good, and cheaper. And thus far into my experience with a few other companies (one larger and two small) ya, they are superior and i regret leaving.

to Gremlin #1405420

There is NO SUCH THING as a "trainer" for Swift. When you get a CDL, thats ALL the 'training" you need.

What YOU do is the indoctrination process for corporate ideals.

Nothing more. And certainly nothing to be proud of.

to Driver 338070 8/12-6/13 #1405422

NEVER believe anyone about anything positive about any company with more than 25 trucks.

to doug Mission, Kansas, United States #695209

And you Doug, should work on your spelling.

to doug #1405418

Hmmm, you sound like a low rent, low speed nimwit. Swift is a very entry level job. 3 months and go where the real money is.

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