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Swift Transportation Mentor Program Review

I'm a student who's really trying hard to get in, my only issue is backing up which I think I can handle. But do to little help in school I just wish I had a mentor who wasn't a owner operator who wasn't so worried about getting paid and running instead than actually helping a student. The only thing mines worried about is his truck and making money. Not training or helping me.
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I had heard a lot of bad things about Swift before applying for a position as a driver. I figured the people dissing Swift transportation were just people who didn't make it through the program or were fired. Unfortunately, after only a few months, I'm ready to find...
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All I had at Swift were great experiences, the instructors were very helpful and had a very nice motel I think it all has to do with the school your in. I went to the Salt Lak...


You would be better off to head home now and work for McDonalds.they pay more than swift.add the hours and do the math.

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in the year 1995 I spent in that school in burlintong, tn as about 40 days to get my CDL and 2 years after the ny dmv suspended me that swith school did not qualify, and I got to pay for school $ 3,500.00 and a $ 1,500.00 between tickets and food, I wonder if you can...
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My Gawd Doug, you have such low standards don't you. Swift is a CORPORATION, it is run like a corporation. Most people see that and move on, the national turn over rate is hig...


in response to the swift drivers complaint; you sound like you do not have a clue. part of the ptoblem is your lack of knowledge of the english language I drove for Swift ...

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I was doing the shuttle when i started ... Its was to help them out .. i worked hard doing it never late .. I even ran every lane they had coming out of memphis.i had got offered a postion on the shuttle . I ran it cause a guy got hurt and the way it was he...
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Driver 338070

Ok ok so he's not a Hemingway. But I gotta Back him on the shuttle 3 card monte gig those DM's do. I myself was ***'d into doing them a FAVOR. "Oh, woe is me, can you help us ...


Ya i can tell by your grammer/english skills/spelling how educated you really are.

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