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I was driving home from work on Fri., 3/25, on I-12 East in Baton Rouge, when a Swift Trucking driver was tail gating so close I could not see the headlights of the truck. I sped up and that didn't help.

I pressed on my breaks and the driver got road rage.

Passed me on the right almost hitting my car and honking very loud and long. I proceeded to the right lane and some how the truck driver got behind me in the middle lane and then passed me on the left and almost hit me again and honked very loudly.

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The issue will never be resolved. Swift does not respond to reports if they can help it in my experience.


lol I12 is 65mph+ Swift trucks wont go faster then 62mph... they can tell this stories to kids that bill belive in them,,, but i wont...

Old Hand

Having drove for Swift for 2 years, and retired from driving big trucks, (total 28 years),I just want to say a few things. First and foremost, if a big truck is tailgating you, pull over. Yeah it isn't right, but a semi can go 80,000 pounds and can kill anyone in a car or light truck. Would you rather be right or dead?

The law says "keep to right except to pass" that isn't a request. Why were they able to pass on the right? Don't get me wrong, it doesn't excuse tailgating, but take some responsibility. Driving is a full time job, and you have to be on your toes ALL the time. Your and your passengers safety should always be first.

Second, get the truck/trailer number and call the Highway patrol. Report them as a dangerous driver, give the route, mile marker, and direction. Also call the company's number, ask for safety, and make a complaint. If you have both the tractor and trailer number, it's hard for them to deny that you got both numbers wrong. If a driver has complaints come in about him/her, they can loose their job, and not get another. If they are dangerous, they have no business being out there driving a 40 ton bullet. It takes a football field for every 20 MPH that a unit is going, to stop. Longer if your empty. An empty unit takes much longer to stop then a loaded one. A loaded truck has a lot of friction on the tires. An empty unit has a tendency to “skip” or “hop”. All the time the tire is in the air, it has zero friction.

We have an 8 second rule, you should be a minimum 8 second between you and the vehicle in front of you. Wet pavement takes that up to triple, or 24 seconds.If you have someone close to your back bumper, or are “bobtail”, (driving a tractor only, no trailer), that goes up to 15 seconds so you can stop before they hit you.

Third, follow up on it. Make a nuisance of your self. Let them know you want something done, and are not going away.

I have had several times I pulled over and let the *** behind me pass, and it was mostly 4 wheelers. But, there are bad "professional" drivers too, and they need to be weeded out. Letting them get by with it, just might kill a family later, do you want that on your conscious? I never did.


If he/she passed you on the right it means you were going too slow in the fast lane on the left----Learn to drive according to the law and you won't have these problems. But something tells me that you know all of this and you just like being a ***!!!


Man ur so full of **it ur breath stinks; who u tryin to kid?

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