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when you call payroll and ask them to mail your check to your house and they turn around and deposit it to your bank account.How can they work with numbers and do people payroll when they can't even do their job as of mailing your check right,something that simple they cannot do the people in payroll do your job right or go find a eaiser job that you can handle. I think that the ownwer needs to find new people to work in payroll than maybe the job will get done the right way for once

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #234379

After filling out my W-4 when I was hired I put on W-4 to claim 1. Now they tell me they had me as tax exempt.

Payroll said OH WELL.

So now I have payed NO taxes because of them. Even after I filled the paper work out right


i agree with payroll. :sigh


Coming from somebody who does payroll how do you know you didn't miss the cut off to remove your direct deposit??? You came on here and complained that you got your money instantly? What a whiner, maybe you should try to do payroll for a large company weekly and see how many weeks in a row your perfect??

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