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Your truck drivers are a bunch of jack *** people the next time your driver is not watching what he is doing and takes me and my family out he best hope i die cus i will take your trash *** company to the ground trucking number # is 143515 utah westvalley area
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Well since the cameras proven you were at fault and did not give the full 8 seconds for a semi to stop or space in between, and cut them of without a turn signal, then your...


Swift is either going out of business and going under,,,or they're lying about something,,,my old man has a million safe miles,,,the only loads he gets is enough to make the r...

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Short Review on June 18, 2016

Swift Transportation - Simple Review #1466223600
So why do some of the yard dog do there job and some get to get a free check every week.Ever time i go there Mr.Jason hasn't done anything.
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Diamond Drivers: Why isn't there more rewards for these drivers? They get a Diamond on their truck and a few more cents on there bonuses, which the lovely IRS takes more out of. Why not a gift as well? - choices; a fridge, an inverter, gift card/certificate. I think...
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You're a bimbo in your husband *** he doesn't know how to hustle oh

Dedicated Driver

I am on a dedicated account, with a dedicated run. Because of that, I don't even have a rank. That means I don't get any bonus. You said that either you, or your husband (I'm ...

I liked
  • Husbands former driver manager
  • Private showers for woman in slc terminal
I didn't like
  • Wifi connection is lousy
  • Lack of runs for drivers
  • Lack of coffee in terminals
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